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Metal Fabrication, and Welding job Services

We cater to all type of clients; weather you are a large OEM manufacturer, or a  small enterprise. Our dedicated team will deliver metal fabrication service at  highest quality, period. We are one reliable source for your entire production supply chain or a module of a project thereof.  Regardless of the nature of your metal fabrication, we are able to offer your esteemed company a total metal fabrication turnkey solution. 

SalimTech's analysis of your metal fabrication project is as follows:

  • Obtain CAD drawing/or perform reverse engineering using existing product sample
  • Start detailed design methodology process; ASME requirements, metal certifications, yield analysis, etc
  • Quantify deliverable timeline calculation
  • Quantify detailed cost analysis
  • Generate quotation
  • Upon quotation acceptance commence sign off Invoice process
  • Start production
  • Deliverable exactly within prescribed timeline

Quality Commitment

The genetic makeup of SalimTech's metal fabrication is that Quality Management Control System (QMS) should be resonating throughout the corporate culture; welders to the hard core management team should be fluent in QMS lingo.  The demand of QMS buck starts at the door step of customer's enterprise and the buck stops at SalimTech's hard core management team for highest quality metal fabrication production and on time delivery. Beyond the diaphragm of metal fabrication quality management system lies a detailed analysis of metallurgical certification, ASME certification, welding certification, first yield analysis, throughput yield analysis, detailed financial analysis, advanced technology analysis, etc.  Thus, the quality mindset is the heart beat of our corporate culture.

We can do all type of metal fabrications locally or in collaboration with our strong supply chain over seas :

In house Industrial Waste Incinerator CAD drawing. 

Aircraft parts  5 axis machining.


We offer all type of machining related to Renewable Energy parts & components

This stainless steel machining parts was designed for an ice cream factory by our Company.


Machining being done on 304 Stainless steel part for one of our customer. All stainless steel part were welded together. The parts were then grinded, buffed, and polished for the final delivery.

SalimTech's in house CNC machining and metal fabrication on blower, impeller, igniter, flanges,  3 phase motor housing, air mixer chamber, brass nozzle, and dual combustion chamber.  Flange were coupled with thrust chamber for maximum hot air exhaust thrust capability. Hot air thrust can be controlled by Microchip PIC controller. 

Customer demanded features were: 

Constant temperature monitoring

Blower air nozzle controller 14:1 ratio

Fuel nozzle controller

Automatic on/off capability


In house design of dual combustion chamber with spark plug auto start features. 

SalimTech's Case History

In-house manufacturing of dual chamber Nozzle for fuel to air ratio controlled combustion unit:

This entire project relates to Metal fabrication, welding of various components, and feedback control system. This prototype combustion chamber was for a renewable energy. This entire project design was developed from merely customer's  idea on a piece of a paper. We set all the engineering parameters to accomplish 550 C temperature at the hot air thrust output.

Dual Combustion Chamber Burner: 


  • Combustion chamber brass nozzle machining
  • Metal fabrication on air separator
  • 3 phase electric motor blower
  • Pipe extension
  • coupling flange, etc.
  • Ancillaries and controller installations

This prototype garbage incinerator can use any type of biogenic waste, including wood, biomass, or any type of  combustible waste.This project was initiated to calculate maximum BTU per pound per selected feedstock, steam generated per pound of feedstock, and finally, Cost per KWH per selected feedstock.  A complete Cost per KWH per variety of feedstock feasibility report was also generated by SalimTech. This prototype was used to produce hot water, hot air, or steam. Portable product like this can be used for offices, homes and areas located remotely or far away from power grid. 

The most important aspect of this prototype was to see how effective a waste wood furnace or wood boiler is as compare to gas and coal based furnace. Especially,  for people living in rural areas where there is no electric power grid, whereas garbage waste or wood waste is readily available. 

Project Feasibility Calculations: 

Speaking generally, more or less,  8000 BTU ~ 10870 BTU per pound of energy can be obtained from dry wood waste products.  Heat energy produced by waste wood boiler is  an excellent  renewable energy choice for customers who will have no electricity or hot water otherwise. SalimTech's cost per KWH prefeasibility report demonstrated that biogenic waste or combustible garbage waste as fuel source can be an excellent choice for people who do not have gas supply or who live in a country where gas rates are comparatively higher or face shortage of gas supply than waste wood, or combustible garbage waste supply. 


Waste wood boilers are installed outside the facility or in the backyard of the home

using SalimTech's metal frame foundation, and pipe welding. Hot water or hot air are piped through SalimTech's insulated pipe welding under the ground to reach the facility or home. Cold water is heated by SalimTech's hot water heat exchanger tubes, which is pumped in automatically when the hot water level in the tank falls below set level. Electronic control panel enclosure designed by SalimTech can be installed inside the facility for monitoring boiler condition. 

SalimTech can offer Combustion Chamber and feedback control system for  industrial Boiler

SalimTech offer's gas, coal, wood boiler, and Industrial boiler combustion chamber components and control system.  

  • Welding, and CNC machining of all types of industrial boiler heating components
  • Combustion chamber part CNC machining, and metal fabrication  
  • Combustion chamber operating safety issues can also be improved by burner feedback control system design
  • Save money on industrial boiler heating costs. Boiler heating cost can be reduced by lowering your average usage of BTU. SalimTech performs design work on retrofitting old combustion chamber or replacing the old combustion chamber with newly designed combustion chamber for the boiler to increase boiler efficiency.